One of the best daily eating habits for healthy aging is following the Mediterranean Diet.

The proven health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet are overwhelmingly positive. The emphasis is put on consuming mostly plant-based foods, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, fatty fish, and olive oil while limiting your consumption of meat to rarer occasions.

A study found that people who shifted their food choices towards a Mediterranean diet saw benefits for memory and thinking in just six months. When eating mostly leafy greens and whole grains like bulgur wheat, there were reportedly significant improvements in their brain function and memory.

But even small changes can have brain health benefits.

The study also found that adding in a busy social life could reverse early memory and thinking problems and cut the risk of developing full-blown dementia!

So try adding bulgur wheat to your meals this summer, it turns a salad into a full meal, bulks up summer soups, and adds nicely to breads and sauces. You can buy bulgur wheat here in several sizes. 

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