Little Known Facts about Bulgur Wheat

  • Bulgur: An ancient convenience food
  • Bulgur: World’s Oldest Cooked Cereal
  • Bulgur at Woodstock: HOW WOODSTOCK HAPPENED: PART 11 OF 12, Posted on An excerpt of a story written by Times Herald-Record staff and first printed in 1989: Wavy Gravy called it “Breakfast in bed for 400,000.” The recipe: Rolled oats or bulgur wheat (often both). Cook until mush. Add peanuts for taste. Cook until the texture of goulash. For a side dish, stir-fry any vegetables that can be scraped together. Scoop the mixtures onto paper plates.
  • Bulgur in Museums: This photo was taken in the National Archives in Washington, D.C. The shirt was a gift to President Lyndon Johnson and was made from bulgur wheat bags donated from the Food for Peace Program.
  • Bulgur in the War: Bulgur was used during World War II for two purposes – as a staple to feed the troops and as a sand blasting agent to clean airplane parts.
  • Bulgur in Songs: Bulgur is mentioned in Jimmy Buffet’s song “Cheeseburger in Paradise.”
  • Bulgur in Movies: Bulgur wheat was used to simulate sand when in the movie “Night at the Museum—Battle of the Smithsonian.”
  • Bulgur in the Olympics: Bulgur was used as part of the diet of U.S. Olympic Athletes at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  • Bulgur in Politics: Congressional confidential reports say that John McCain (R-AZ) ‘can taste non-organic bulgur in half a bite.’
  • Bulgur in Hair Loss Remedy: Beauty – lentils, green peas, walnuts, bulgur are all excellent sources of essential vitamins for hair loss.
  • Bulgur in Soap: Mission Peak Soap Products made a special batch of soap that used #4 Traditional Bulgur as an exfoliate agent in the bar.
  • Bulgur in the Bible: Bulgur is referred to as “Arisah” in the Old Testament in:
    • Ezekiel 44:28-30 (New International Version)
      28”I am to be the only inheritance the priests have. You are to give them no possession in Israel; I will be their possession.29 They will eat the grain offerings, the sin offerings and the guilt offerings; and everything in Israel devoted to the LORD will belong to them. 30The best of all of the first fruits and all of your special gifts will belong to the priests. You are to give them the first portion of your ground meal so that a blessing may rest on your household.”31
    • Nehemiah 10:37 (New International Version)
      37”Moreover, we will bring to the storerooms of the house of our God, to the priests, the first of our ground meal, of our grain offerings, of the fruit of all of our trees and of our new wine and oil. And we will bring a tithe of our crops to the Levites, for it is the Levites who collect the tithes in all the towns where we work.”