It’s Whole Grains Month and if you aren’t already aware read on, and eat up, to benefit from all this whole grain goodness!

Did you know that consumers are eating more whole grains due to the pandemic?In the recent Whole Grains Survey report  it was found that Whole Grain consumption is on the rise. Since 2005, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans have encouraged all of us to make at least half our grains whole. According to the survey data, 59% of Americans are meeting this goal, with 26% of consumers nearly always choosing whole grains whenever they are available. Additionally, more than half of consumers increased their whole grain consumption in the past five years.

Health remains the leading reason (82%) for choosing whole grains like Bulgur wheat. Bulgur wheat’s health benefits come mainly from its high-fiber content as a whole grain. High-fiber grains help you with digestion, gut health, and weight management. The FDA even affirms that high-fiber, low-fat diets help reduce the risk of cancer and prevent coronary heart disease. According to WebMD, eating bulgur wheat will protect your heart health and help prevent cardiovascular disorders and heart diseases. One study found that for every 10 grams of fiber added to a diet, the risk of death from coronary heart disease dropped by 17–35%.  Another study found a significant decrease in heart disease risk (up to 20%) in people who ate 50 grams of whole grains a day.

Even those who avoid carbs say they are more likely to look for whole grains when shopping due to the high nutritional value.

The more you come to appreciate their nuttier, more robust flavors you’ll become one us who love whole grains for the taste as well!

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