A positive lesson we can take from being in lockdown is how to make our meals, and our supplies, go further especially when supplies become limited.

Here’s some ideas from Nadia Lim who says, “If you’ve got one whole chicken you can get three meals out of that easy.” She would start by simmering the chook on a low heat for an hour or so, until the meat was fully cooked through and the water full of chicken-y flavour.

“That creates a chicken stock far superior to anything you can buy.” The stock becomes a soup, into which would go anything she happened to have lying around – bulgur wheat, brussels sprouts, kale, or other fresh and frozen vegetables – and a little of the chicken meat.

One piece of steak is enough for five people, if you cut it up, stir fry it with healthy vegetables and add precooked bulgur wheat. A whole steak’, that’s not necessary,” she said. “Stir fry it, and and bulk up with all this other good stuff.”

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