Changing your eating habits can be an uphill battle. But we’re here to show you that healthy salad recipes don’t have to be boring and bland, just like in these super-filling, super healthy salad ideas. Salad can be a thing of beauty—a colorful, bountiful platter of seasonal produce, tossed with a homemade salad dressing, maybe a protein added to transform your salad into dinner. Think warm salads spiked with whole grains and roasted veggies. Salads that are hearty and nutritious, without being dull.

“For warm salads, you need something sturdy” says Jane Baxter of Wild Artichokes . Whole grains like Bulgur wheat is a good option. “You can put anything through them,” Baxter says. “Dried fruit, nuts, french beans, runners, sweetcorn, sugar snaps.” She then pours over a sweet-sour dressing of miso, mirin, soy, honey and grated ginger. Kathy Slack, author of From the Veg Patch, meanwhile, turns to quick pickles to pep up bulgur salads: “Mix equal parts caster sugar and cider vinegar, add sliced radishes, cucumber or carrots, and steep for 10 minutes.” Add some pickling liquor to the bowl, too, plus “loads of olive oil”.

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