Which diet is right for you?

Both diets focus heavily on:  fruit, vegetables, whole grains and legumes.

The Vegan Diet – is great for weight loss and reducing cholesterol levels.  The vegan diet is often associated with reduced calorie intake, increased fibre intake, and decreased fat and saturated fat consumption.

The Mediterranean Diet includes fish, low-fat dairy and extra virgin olive oil, while limiting or avoiding red meat and saturated fats. The Mediterranean diet is best for lowering blood pressure; while both diets reduced blood pressure it actually decreased more on the Mediterranean diet.

The key to success in today’s health-focused market is naturally enhanced nutrition. Sunnyland Mills bulgur wheat is Non-GMO Project Verified and we offer a line of Certified Organic Bulgur.

Which ever diet you choose, you’ll be taking a great leap towards enhancing your health. Cut back on inflammatory foods to protect your heart and brain and include a variety of nutritious whole grains each day, and you’ll be taking great control of your health, immediately!

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