The Mediterranean diet is full of anti-inflammatory foods – Omega-3-rich fish, green vegetables, nuts, fruit, and olive oil. Whole grain bulgur wheat is a key ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet. Bulgur is quick and easy to make, just soak, or boil for 9 minutes and you’re ready to go. (See the bulgur wheat cooking guide here)

 bulgur and couscous

Get creative with bulgur !!

You can precook bulgur and keep it in the fridge for up to 1 week so if you’re in a rush, you can have a healthy meal in minutes just by tossing a few ingredients together and heating them up.

I’m obsessed with golden and red beets with feta, spinach, and bulgur at the moment.

Try experimenting with different herbs and spices on bulgur, add fish and vegetables to see which ones work best. Rose harissa makes bulgur and zucchini a flavor dance party! How about zucchini and chutney?!

Additionally, you can batch-cook and freeze bulgur to save cash and have something always on hand.

Be generous with vegetables. Every meal I make is full of yellows, oranges, reds, greens, purples. You can add veggies in all kinds of exciting ways- charring, puréeing, grilling, mashing, whizzing them into soups, stuffing them, steaming them, using them as toppings.

 Add sauces to your bulgur – Olive oil is a treasure, and I delight in making different types of dressings with it – throwing in some apple-cider vinegar, adding a spoonful of mustard, combining with sage leaves. I even have garlic and chili varieties, which are amazing for drizzling over bulgur with eggs or roasted veg.

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