I love this salad from the New York Times

Since we are all cooking more and relying heavily on pantry staples, this salad uses long-lasting bulgur wheat and any crisp vegetable you have in the fridge.

Use 3/4 cup cooked #3 coarse bulgur wheat, add

—  celery, radishes, fennel, turnips, carrots, or other favorites — the trick is to slice them thin and small.

Toss it with lemon juice or vinegar, salt and lots of good olive oil. Keep tasting it: It will need more salt and oil than you might think, but exact amounts will depend on how you like it.

Add more salt pepper, herbs, onions, red pepper flakes or anything else you dare to try.  Grain salads are best served warm or room temperature, and go well with citrus, greek, or vinaigrette dressings.


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