GRANO-Golden Pearled Durum…An Ancient Grain Finds New Life!

Grano-Golden Pearled Durum, which means "grain" in Italian, is made from specially selected durum wheat. In southern Italy, where grains have been cultivated since the 5th century B.C., Grano originated in early cooking as a simple, nutritious and flavorful meal prior to the invention of pasta. While Grano has a long history, until recently it was not known outside of specific regions in Italy. American chefs are now realizing the variety, whole-grain goodness, flavor and simplicity of Grano.

Renowned for its al dente ("to the tooth" in Italian) texture when prepared, Grano has a firm, yet chewy consistency. It tastes like pasta but is more nutritious because in the minimal processing, only a small amount of the outer bran is removed. It is high in fiber, protein and minerals for this same reason. According to chefs, Grano maintains its texture on a steam table better than rice or pasta and can be reheated several times without damage.

Artful chefs use Grano in many ways-as a hot accompaniment mixed with pasta sauce and parmesan cheese, or cold to add interest and nutrition to salads. The bright golden grain adds color and goodness. Moving from rustic tables to fashionable restaurants in the U.S., Grano has seen interest as a center-of-the-plate menu item when married with chicken piccatta, veal piccatta, or any seafood. Typically, Grano is prepared and the meat or seafood is placed on top of the Grano.

Grano soupNumerous recipes include Grano. It makes an excellent cold salad and can be used in all recipes that call for wheat berries, as the preparation is very simple. Just boil in salted water like pasta for 35 minutes and it is ready. It can be prepared, frozen, and microwaved in a very short time. Grano can also be used as a simple additive to a hearty soup. Just add one cup of Grano to two quarts of soup stock and let it simmer as the soup cooks.

Old world recipes of Sicilian heritage use Grano in a dish called Cuccia Salata. It is a traditional meal prepared at the feast of Santa Lucia in December. In the Apulia region of Italy, Grano is found in many hearty and flavorful recipes. Today, Sunnyland Mills produces Grano-Golden Pearled Durum in much the same way it was centuries ago. It is a perfect component of the Mediterranean diet and a delicious alternative to rice and pasta.


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